Kamaboko(Fish Cake) is a Japanese superfood.
Your body will thank you for it !

Delicious and healthy, yet very easy to prepare!

Blessings the natural environment of Tokushima

Tokushima boasts a rich natural environment of clean water
that flows from the mountains.

Ikezoe Kamaboko makes wise use of these untainted natural blessings
to create our products in Tokushima,Japan.

We are fans of Ikezoe’s Kamaboko!

Fish Cutlets quickly became one of my favorites!

It’s easy to enjoy healthy Japanese foods!

As a Mexican who has lived in Japan now for more than three years, I still encounter new foods here every day. With Ikezoe kamaboko products I discovered some real delights. My favorite is Ikezoe Fish Cutlet. Its savory flavor is easy for non-Japanese to appreciate. I recommend Fish Cutlet to my friends and family. It comes from a long, healthy, delicious, Japanese culinary tradition with a unique flavorful twist.

I have lived in Japan and enjoyed Kamaboko for many years since I originally came in 1978. When I first tasted Ikezoe Fish Cutlets, they quickly became one of my favorites. They’re the best. The touch of curry complements the delicate flavor of this healthy, protein-rich product. Fish Cutlets are conveniently packaged, so they are delicious in quick, simple sandwiches or used in a more complex menu. I’m impressed with the variety of dishes in which Fish Cutlets can offer a unique flavor.

My name is Omar Camacho. Originally from Mexico City, I have lived in Argentina and Canada, where I studied Business Management and Digital Marketing, but now I have been living in Tokushima, Japan for three years, where I work for Toyota Tokushima. My wife, who is Japanese, and I are interested in travel and Japanese arts. I also enjoy different cuisines. Perhaps it’s just a dream, but I sometimes think of opening an authentic Mexican restaurant.
A native of Kentucky in the United States, Martin Holman has lived in Japan for more than 16 since the first time he arrived in 1978. A scholar of Japanese and working as a director and puppeteer in the traditional Japanese puppet theater.


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