The reasons why our products are chosen

High Protein,
Low Calorie,
Rich in Essential Amino Acids

Contains Omega 3s
Seafood oils are great for your health!

1 . High Quality :
The flavor of the ingredients change slightly depending on the season.
We carefully select production areas according to the season, using the purity of nature’s bounty, such as sea bream fish, sudachi citrus, yuzu citrons,Naruto sweet potatoes, and others.We make the best use of the flavors of the ingredients.
We also use traditional dashi broth in our products. Dashi is a Japanese soup stock that forms the essential base of many Japanese dishes. Dashi enhances the flavor of the ingredients, bringing out the umami, and increasing its depth. By using delectable tachiuo fish freshly caught in the waters the Naruto Strait off the coast of Tokushima and the soup stock of bonito from the Kuroshio Current in the nearby Pacific, we create our special rich products with umami-packed savor.
2. Preserving hand-crafted methods for generation :
Founded over 100 years ago in Tokushima, Japan, the Ikezoe Kamaboko company takes great pride in maintaining hand-crafted techniques to produce kamaboko that have been passed down for generations.
Great pride, the heart of skilled craftmen, and generations of experience allow us to provide delicious products of the highest quality.
3. Contributing to a healthy lifestyle:
Our products are authentic traditional Japanese foods that provide great health benefits.
Our products boast an abundance of protein, essential for vigorous heart health and robust brain function and capacity. They also contain Omega 3 oils, which contribute significantly to brain function and heart health.
Our products support the kind of healthy lifestyle that more and more people today are seeking with natural foods that increase longevity and promote vigor.

Our hilosophy is "the 3C's".


1. Contribution to people’s healthy life –to always be mindful of the importance and responsibility we have to contribute to our consumers’ health and well-being.


2. Consumer first –to always appreciate and value the high standards that our our consumers have come to expect from our products and to always reach and exceed consumer expectations.


3. Creativity –to always maintain the traditional method and flavor of our products while creatively developing ways to produce the world`s most delicious and healthy Kamaboko.

Our promise

The safety and purity of our products are our top priorities. Dealing with food products, we recognize that ensuring safety and quality is indispensable.
Therefore, we manage quality assessments of ingredients and materials, production processes, packaging materials, safe logistics, and label accuracy.
Our factory conducts hygiene management from a number of perspectives, including the flow lines of goods and personnel.
We are always delicated to producing safe and delicious Kamaboko.
We propose a delicious and nutritious diet that can bring happiness and healthy life to our customers.The ingredients used in our products are all carefully selected from the rich natural blessings of Japan. They contain the flavor and nutrition of nature.
Our products contribute to a healthy life style that increases longevity and helps prevents obesity, heart attacks and other diseases and make people happy.
We listen to our customers and make the customers’ point of view our guide
to providing better products and services.
We always appreciate and value the high standards that our consumers have come to expect from our products and to always reach and exceed consumers’ expectations.

Commitment to Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals are 17 global goals for a sustainable and better world by 2030. We support the philosophy of SDGs and do what we can to achieve a sustainable and diverse society.

Our Efforts to achieve the SDGs

Zero Hunger
We donate to World Food Programme every month in hope that no children will suffer from hunger. We continue efforts to end hunger and malnutrition.
Good Health and Well-Being
Our products contribute to people’s health to increases longevity and help
prevents obesity, heart attacks, and other diseases.
Gender Equality
We aim to achieve gender equality by giving all employees the opportunity to develop their skills and achieve success in their work.
Decent Work and Economic Growth
We strive to create an environment where all people, including young people, men, women, and the elderly, can work with a sense of purpose in their respective places.
Responsible Consumption and Production
We manufacture with a plan to eliminate waste, and we are devising a sales form so that consumers can consume efficiently by reducing the amount and increasing the amount of frozen food.
Life Below Water
We cherish marine resources, deepen awareness of environmental issues and garbage problems, and aiming for sustainable use of marine resources.

Company outline

Company name Ikezoe Kamaboko Co.,Ltd
Location 3-100 Saiwai-Cho Tokushima City ,Tokushima ,Japan
zip :770-0847
Phone :+81-886-8255  Facsimile:+81-886-54-2880
President Kensaku Ikezoe
Foundation July, 1910
Establishment July, 1953
Capital 11million
Business outline Manufacture and Sale of fish paste-based products

Company History

July 1910 Ishimatsu Ikezoe opens as the first “Tachibana shop” in Tachibana-cho, Anan City, Tokushima Prefecture.
1946 The second generation Tokujiro Ikezoe relocated the store to Tomidahama, Tokushima Prefecture.
July 1953 Reorganized into Ikezoe Kamaboko Co., Ltd.
Tokujiro Ikezoe became the president
1953 2nd generation Tokujiro Ikezoe devised “fish cutlet” as “Western style new product”
1960 Relocation of head office and factory to 3-chome, Saiwai-cho, Tokushima-shi
October 1965 Takao Ikezoe, 3rd generation, becames the president
1976 Reorganized affiliated company Nakasu Ice Company into Nakasu Market Co., Ltd.
1982 Received the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award for “Arihei Kamaboko” in 1982.
1985 Our original product “Sudachi Chikuwa” received Prefectural Governor Award in the “Sudachi Product Development Contest” in Tokushima Prefecture
December 2005 Kensaku Ikezoe, 4th generation, became the president
2006 We released the original product “Aburichikuwa”  “freshly baked chikuwa” that can be eaten at home.  Adopted by major department store.
2012 Released the original product “Katsu Mayo Ball“, which is a mixture of fish cutlet and mayonnaise.  Obtained trademark registration.
2018 Started overseas trade. Exported “chikuwa” and “fish cutlet” to Hong Kong, USA.
2018~ Fish Cutlet” was featured on ANA international flights and has been continued to be serves ons in-flight meal.
2021 Expand export trade channels to China, Singapore, Australia, Thailand
2021 Released new product “Pon de Fish Protein

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