Pon de fish protein

Pon de fish protein

Pon de fish protein

Pon de fish protein

Pon de Fish Protein


Created for everyone who thinks about their health in these busy days. You can easily get
the health-friendly fish protein that contains essential amino acids and Omega 3 oils, just by Pon de Fish protein to soups, salads, and a range of other dishes. Of course, you can also enjoy eating it on its own!

Delicious ✖ Healthy ✖ Easy

Delicious Our own rich umami-packed elegant savor.
Healthy Source of wholesome fish protein that contains essential amino acid and Omega 3s.
Easy Boneless minced fish = Kamaboko
Delicious prepared fish ready to eat without cooking
Easy to use and easy to use.
Simply add it to your daily dishes  and
you’ll have hassle-free and balanced nutrition.
The flavor of yuzu stimulates the appetite and makes the dishes even richer. Improves the immune system and offers protection from metabolic disorders.


Recipe guide to Pon de Fish Protein  :English version

Pon de fish protein Broccoli hot pot



Recipe guide to Pon de Fish Protein   :中文 version

魚蛋白魚糕 西藍花單人火鍋




Recommended for people like these

1.  For those who care about their family’s health but are too busy to spend time on nutritional balance

Protein, calcium, Omega 3s for growing children.

Pon de Fish Protein contains nutrients that are especially important for children, who are developing bone, muscle and brain.  It is simple to soup or other dishes or include it a lunch box.


2.  For those who know that fish offers excellent nutrition, but find that cooking is troublesome.

Flavorful fish that provides concentrated nutrition.

Japan is surrounded by the beautiful ocean.  The secret of the world’s longest-lived  country is said to be the fish-centered Japanese diet.  However, for those who find fish difficult or bothersome to cook, Pon de Fish Protein provides “ease”.  Boneless Pon de Fish  Protein offers the concentrated flavor and nutrition of fish.


3.  For those who are thinking of improving their immunity and physical strength in order to live a healthy and long life.

Improving immunity and preventing lifestyle-related diseases.

Omega 3 oils and essential amino acids, abundant in fish, are plentiful in Pon de Fish Protein.  It greatly contributes to a healthy life, improving immunity and preventing lifestyle-related diseases.


4.  For sporting people who are thinking about improving their strength by changing their diet.

The high protein and low fat of Pon de Fish Protein aid in strengthening muscles and increasing stamina.

High-protein, low-fat, easy-to-digest, and low gastrointestinal burden, Pon de Fish  Protein helstrengthens muscles, blood vessels, and bones.


Pon de Fish Protein is a delicious, no-hassle product
 can simply add to your daily dishes and achieve to balanced nutrition.





 Pon de fish protein
Product Characteristics
Pon de Fish Protein is made using flavored fish paste and other seasonings, which are then steamed until fully cooked.
Ingredients and Additives
Alaska Pollock, Starch, Kudzu powder, Salt, Fish Extract, Processed Starch, Monosodium Glutamate, Amino Acid
(Contain wheat)
Use by date
360 days after production (Frozen)





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